Live a Life of Wholeness

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Uncertain Times

More people than ever are experiencing worry and uncertainty which leads them to feeling helpless, hopeless and scared of the future.

Feeling Stuck

Parts of our lives have become unmanageable. We feel unworthy, stuck, not good enough and we are not sure where to turn.

A Wholesome Life

Every human being deserves to lead a wholesome life and experience joy and purpose.

When you discover your real self you'll experience clarity and wholeness 

  • Experience a sense of fulfilment
    Let go of limiting beliefs and thoughts of unworthiness and dread. Experience inner connection.
  • Be happy in your own skin
    Feel at home in your body and feel gratitude for who you are and what is. Experience exquisite self-love.
  • Feel on purpose and in service
    Wake up with a sense of why you are here and what you’re meant to do with your life. Start a fresh life of wholeness and purpose.
  • Have deeper and more loving relationships
    Human beings derive much of their joy, pleasure and meaning from relating to others. Experience authentic and truthful relating at a new level.
  • Enjoy more clarity and vitality to pursue your dreams
    Without vibrant energy anything we attempt will feel draining and difficult. Uncover natural clarity and vitality, and take a huge step towards fulfilling your dreams.

I know that life can sometimes feel overwhelming...

We feel helpless or out of control. And I know how this feels, I’ve experienced many challenges in life and I can relate. Today though, if I hit a rough spot, I have tools and strategies I use to support me. And I know how to ask for help when I need it. 

I’ve been serving as a coach, mentor and Journey practitioner for over 20 years. I’ve personally worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life, guiding them to lead lives of wholeness, joy and purpose. I’ve witnessed lasting transformations that many would consider impossible! 

How I work with my clients

No matter what you are experiencing right now, I want you to get the best, lasting results in the shortest time possible. And it all starts with getting to know each other...

Schedule a free exploratory call

whether we are the best match

Attend the discovery session

so that we can get to know each other better

Create a customised plan together

to achieve the desired transformation in your life

How to live a life of wholeness, fulfilment and purpose

Living in today’s world is not easy. So many threats to our health, freedom and so much uncertainty, it’s increasingly hard for us to feel a sense of inner peace and positivity.

Tens of millions of people are living lives of quiet desperation, suffering from anxiety and depression, debilitating the quality of their lives and affecting those around them.

Life has also become so demanding that most of us judge ourselves as not being good enough, strong enough, successful enough – no matter what we achieve and how well we do. There just seems to be no respite! No letting off. No break.

I know - because that was my life before I experienced the work I now use to help my clients. It wasn’t a quick fix, it wasn’t a ‘one-off and now I’m cured’ thing, but I can honestly say that using Journeywork and the methods I have practised for over 20 years has radically and permanently transformed every aspect of my life - when I look back I can barely recognise myself!

Our world is changing faster than ever. Little that we have relied on in the past, trusted in as stable or dependable, applies anymore.

We each need to look deep inside, clear our old baggage, and find a healthier way forward. By recognising the root causes of our issues and resolving the underlying reasons of our frustration and overwhelm, we can heal and experience a life of fulfilment and purpose, a life of effortless joy and vibrant vitality.

Many of my clients come to me frustrated, unfulfilled, feeling stuck, like they’re living under a cloud. They are stressed out, not happy in their own skin. They are worried about the future, fearful, anxious, uncertain, with strong feelings of self doubt - many question if they actually have what it takes to turn their life around.

They are looking for clarity on life issues, seeking to find meaning and purpose, longing to experience a deeper sense of fulfillment and wholeness. They want to heal from past trauma and hurt, and relieve their pain - physical, mental and emotional.

The techniques I use are versatile, practical and massively effective. They ultimately create an environment for you to transform yourself. I work with extraordinary tools that enable your body-mind to get back to its original state of balance, wholeness and health.

From my experience you can’t achieve this deep level of personal transformation by yourself. You need someone with expertise and empathy to guide you. Someone who coaches not from some theoretical model, but with tools that work in real life. You need someone who guides from their own direct experience: someone who has overcome their own struggles - emotional, mental and physical.

I believe that innate joy and inner guidance is available to every human being. My experience is that our greatness is simply covered over by life’s pains and tribulations. Journeywork is the best way I know of to uncover your true potential and return to wholeness and fulfilment.

I don’t know for sure that Journeywork is the next step for you. I don’t know if I am the person to guide you and support you.

The best way to find out is to simply schedule a free call with me.

We’ll have an informal chat, we’ll find out more about each other, and then we can make a conscious decision about working together.

I’m looking forward to meeting you


"I have known Cliff for many years now and worked with him on deep emotional aspects from family relationship issues to specific unhealthy “male” related beliefs. This has always been incredibly liberating and freeing and every time. It has always felt so easy and effortless... to the point where i do not even remember what these exact issues were.... they have been completely cleared in consciousness and are no longer part of me!"


"I have known Cliff for 20-plus years and have many times had the benefit of his healing, transformational work. Cliff’s depth of experience has expanded beyond the boundaries of regular coaching and mentoring work: he is trustworthy, innovative, brings clarity, resolve and profound healing at the deepest levels. I heartily recommend Cliff if you want to make quick and lasting changes in your life."

Faisel Hassan
Transport Manager

"Cliff is one of the world’s most experienced Journey Practitioners, someone who I have known personally and professionally since the late 1990s. He has a huge skill-base and has helped countless people clear ranges of deep-seated life issues - even sticky or longstanding issues that other transformational modalities have not resolved. Cliff has helped me personally on many occasions, and I have found him kind, open, empathetic and, most of all, deeply effective, to work with. I am massively grateful to him and highly recommend him as a Journey Practitioner."

Kevin Billett
CEO of The Journey

"You will be very blessed to have Cliff's depth of experience, expertise and huge heart to guide you effortlessly into your highest potential in whatever area of your life needs freeing up . He has been a director in the Journey for over 10years having experienced every advanced course in the Journey multiple times. And at all our journey events, i rely on Cliff, our most senior practitioner and life coach to oversee and mentor the processing our junior practitioners are offering. There is no life experience or emotional pattern he hasn’t worked with. And he is known for achieving liberating, fulfilling, and lasting results for his clients. He is greatly loved around the world for his compassion and encouragement in his private sessions. and whenever someone is struggling at our Journey events we turn to Cliff to discern exactly what that person needs to find wholeness and completion in their lives. He is truly masterful at what he does. "

Brandon Bays
International Best Selling Author and founder of the Journey Method

"Cliff is a wonderful therapist and mentor. He is warm, humorous and most importantly has an incredible talent for showing you the deeper issues that are presenting to be resolved. He has a natural ability to guide you through these issues so they are completely seen, resolved and healed, creating fundamental shifts in your life. I’ve known Cliff for 35 years. He is inspiring and a living example of what is possible in life. I’m always grateful when I get a chance to work with Cliff. "

Laurie Collins
Former Director The Journey Australia

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